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Dreams are the sources of the creation of the future, and the excellent personneles are the key point of realizing our dreams. In Jinpeng family, we respect , trust, care & help each other. We encourage activity & enterpriser spirit here. We know each other because of the same ideas, and we work together as for the courage & trust, and we succeed for our ideals & determination.
Job Description:

1Being in charge of making and executing the plans of checking & repairing all the electrical devices of the factory.

2Being in charge of designing and erecting electric wiring and repairing all the electrical devices of the factory.

3Repairing and reusing the relative old device parts based on making sure the normal working of the devices. ( Using sufficiently the unused parts to make sure to use what we could use & repair & cherishing all the old parts.)

4Trying his best to study the relative technology and grasp the principles of all the electrical devices of the factory and could operate & repair them well. Stand by all the safety operation rules , strictly forbid breaking rules to operation, strengthen safety & fire protection ideas to make sure to be safe ( to do all the operation based on safety priority.)

Being in charge of the maintenance and custody work for all the repairing & measuring tools ( protect the tools well, register the public tools , clean the tools before returning them and arrange them neatly. Must report if theres damaging or lose.)

5Recording well for the device repairing & all the data must be clear. Collect & put in order all the files of the device checking( collect & save <<device repairing application list>>, repair character, repair contents, used parts, repair time must be clear)

6Being in charge of edit the using plan of the electrical materials ( supply the relative parts list of next month before the 23rd according to the stock record and the device situation)

7Doing well record for the everyday checking for the devices, discover the fault points and repair them. Forbid & correct the wrong operations of the devices.

8Must obey the safety operation rules when repairing the devices to protect the electric shock(turn off the electric source before operation and hang on the relative operation signal.)

Job Requirements:

1、Over 3 years work experiences for electric repair work,and have the relative managing experiences for relative high voltage devices.
2、Could support & make the relative plan of the timely repairing and maintaining of the high voltage devices,and make operation rules,repair & polish plan of the devices of the factory.
3、Could deal with the fault points.
4、Could monitor the maintain of the high voltage devices & report the fault points immediately.
5、Obeying all the rules, execute safety operation rules and protect himself well.
6、It has a senior electrician certificate issued by the Safety Supervision Bureau.
7、Being familiar for word,excel, tools and the relative network & ERP knowledge.


No.15, Jinfeng Road, Jintan District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province.